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Get everything you need to eliminate your cravings and enjoy, (not just endure) a sugar-free life by resetting your biochemistry.

Option #1 Toolkit $29.99

Break Your Sugar Addiction Today eBook

Essentials for Recovery Checklist

Quieting Your Inner Saboteur

Your Daily Motivator

Meal Plans for Recovery

Cynthia's Recipes for Recovery

Option #2 Accountability Coaching Plus Toolkit $299

Includes everything in Option #1, plus the following:

Three 30-Minute Phone Coaching Sessions Every Two Weeks for 6 weeks

Unlimited Email/Text Support for 6 weeks

4 Step Accountability Coaching Formula

Everything in the Toolkit in Option #1

End the Battle

Grab your toolkit now and discover true freedom from cravings.

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Balance Gaba and Glutamate with Diet

How to Balance Gaba and Glutamate with Diet

Finally, learn the correct way to increase Gaba levels and lower glutamate, so you can save thousands of dollars, take charge of your healing journey, and live life more fully.
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Candida Secrets

Candida Secrets

Cutting-Edge Healing Strategies, Diet Tips, Meal Plans, and Recipes to Combat Yeast Overgrowth so you too can stop suffering, relieve symptoms, and enhance your health and well-being
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